Frontline Special Ops Kevlar Glove Black

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Technical Specs

The Frontline CQC Kevlar Glove is a high quality high feature glove designed for operators who need good dexterity but also require protection from flash and flame. Constructed from heavy duty 8 ounce flame retardant Dupont Kevlar®, this is a hybrid glove which offers protection from flame and heat. The long extended cuff orffers protection over the wrist and up the arm. Elasticated seal prevents debris from entering the glove area. The palms and internal fingers are reinforced with lightweight durable leather finished in an anti-slip pattern. The knuckle area is padded with a durable section of leather and sythetic foam.

Durable, comfortable and functional

  • Superior fit

  • Dupont Kevlar®

  • Ideal for tactical operations

  • Extended Cuff with elasticated seal

  • Available in Black Only

  • Sizes S - 2XL